Amanda Lee amanda at
Sun Nov 25 12:17:04 EST 2001

I likewise just ordered some Linksys products, a 4port Hub/router with
802.11B  Wireless DSS  capability and a USB compatible Network Interface.
This is far  more expensive than $60 but the Router will provide a
firewall.  In  addition, there are 4 ports on this model and with having
the USB  compatible Network Interface, I have the capability to have a
floating  intergface to network any PC in the household which supports

I found pretty good prices at: and no shipping charges.

Yes they are less than

There are less expensive Wireless alternatives such as D-Link Systems and
Netgear but i've seen that these aren't as well documented and since
Linksys provides a web-based interface for configuration purposes which
seems more accessible to a Screen Reader.
although Linksys costs a little more, I felt it was the better choice.

One more comment, the Firmware can be upgraded free by merely downloading
new software whenever it's available.
The Linksys products now support 128-bit wep encryption as well.

There are a few different types of Network Interfaces available for
Linksys, D-Link Systems and Netgear.

Amanda Lee

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