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This looks interesting wonder if the audio would be worht having...
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SAP Channel for Episode I on TV
Wed, Nov 21, 01 08:53:00 AM EST

Zap2It is reporting some great news that will happen during the Episode I
premiere on television:
The audio track, developed by PBS affiliate WGBH Boston for the theatrical
release of "Phantom Menace" in 1999, describes natural pauses in the
dialogue, as well as facial expressions, costumes, gestures and other
details that may be missed by the visually impaired. The narrative track
will also be used with "R2-D2: Under the Dome," the mockumentary short set
to follow "Phantom Menace" on Sunday.
Use the SAP option on your TV/VCR to use the option. It is commonly used for
a second language on such programs as Monday Night Football. We've posted on
the desire for this previously and we're very glad to hear this is happening
for those that have yet to 'see' Star Wars.

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