playing audio cds

Gregory Nowak gnowak1 at
Sun Nov 25 11:08:47 EST 2001

No, audio and computer cds are not the same.
Files reside on the iso filesystem.
Audio cds are just that.
They're raw audio with some data burned on to a cd, and they're not on a filesystem.

On Sun, Nov 25, 2001 at 01:46:51AM +0000, randy turner wrote:
> hi all,
> is the file system type the same for playing 
> audio cds as it is for computer file related cds?
> i can mount my slackware cd but not an audio cd.
> i am sure that i am doing a lot of guessing here about all of this.
> i have tried to use workbone but i am getting input errors 
> thanks in advance.
> randy
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