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When you actually get around to compiling a kernel, read the README file in
the /usr/src/linux directory and read it thuroughly and that will give you a
good start. the README files that come with speakup explain quite well, how
to patch the speakup codeset into the kernel. So all and all, it works out
even for the faint at heart.

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Well I am a serious newby when it comes to Linux.  I have a donor computer
(Pentium 166), it has a network and sound card.  On my other computers I use
Windows 98 SE with JAWS (Eloquence) and a sound card.  I don't own any
hardware synthesizers yet.
I am familiar with partitioning and formatting hard drives.  I am not afraid
of working with the hardware.  My research on the internet tells me that I
need to purchase a hardware synthesizer for the donor computer before I
attempt to install Linux on it.
Also I am not currently familiar with compiling kernels.  However, I am a
computer professional (developer) so I should be able to pick it up.
I'll stop my rambling now and hope someone can point me in the right
My goal is to create  a low cost web server for development and production
work.  So far I heard that Speak Up may be the way to go.

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