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Rodney rodneylist at
Wed Nov 21 15:43:31 EST 2001

Well I am a serious newby when it comes to Linux.  I have a donor
computer (Pentium 166), it has a network and sound card.  On my other
computers I use Windows 98 SE with JAWS (Eloquence) and a sound card.  I
don't own any hardware synthesizers yet.
I am familiar with partitioning and formatting hard drives.  I am not
afraid of working with the hardware.  My research on the internet tells
me that I need to purchase a hardware synthesizer for the donor computer
before I attempt to install Linux on it.
Also I am not currently familiar with compiling kernels.  However, I am
a computer professional (developer) so I should be able to pick it up.
I'll stop my rambling now and hope someone can point me in the right
My goal is to create  a low cost web server for development and
production work.  So far I heard that Speak Up may be the way to go.
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