I am now getting started

Thomas Ward tward at bright.net
Sun Nov 18 20:27:26 EST 2001

Oh, yes. I usually make ahabbit of clean installs of things. I'd just burn
the red Hat 7.2 distribution off of the Speakup ftp site, and clean install.
That way you are sure to get not only the speakup kernel, but the speakup
keymap of your choice, and I found configuring x for sited users was much
easier as well.

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> Thanks!
> The RH7 install I did was just out-of-the-box RH.  It couldn't possibly
> know about speakup.  In fact, I'd say it was optimized for x-11 and
> gnome.  Why, do you think, I've had all this agony of kernel patching and
> errors:-)?  Maybe it's best to chuck it all and start with a clean,
> speakup-aware setup?
> -Dave
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