I am now getting started

Dave Hunt wx1g at mediaone.net
Sun Nov 18 18:41:50 EST 2001

Hi there!!

Yes, I'm running a RH 7.0 box now.  My Internet connect is KT&T
Broadband.  To get speech, I'm using my BNS 640 as a terminal, by way of 
the brlterm program.  

Fortunately, the are no valuable data on the Linux side of the wall,
yet.  If a new install is required, I can do it.  This machine has Win2K 
and Linux.  I'd like to keep it this way (my job requires Win2K.  For
ease and reliability, I boot the Linux from a floppy.  



On Sun, 18 Nov
2001, Janina Sajka wrote:

> Hi, Dave:
> Well, you're right about the default optimization! <grin>
> One thing for sure, this won't be your last installation, so I guess 
> there's no harm in picking up a little experience. It is the best teacher, 
> after all.
> One question first. Do you have an install working in some fashion or 
> other? And, is there a network connection working? Reason I ask is that 
> any number of folks here could slide on over into your system and tweak 
> you up quickly if you do have a working install and a good net connection, 
> preferably broadband of some kind.
> Otherwise, I'd go with the reinstall.
> The good news is that once you get a talking system going with speakup, 
> how ever many times you reinstall for whatever reasons, you'll never go 
> through the initial troubles again.
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