I am now getting started

Thomas Ward tward at bright.net
Sun Nov 18 16:43:58 EST 2001

Hi, I would strongly think about Bill's modified Red Hat 7.2 distribution.
you can get it at:
Depending on how busy the server is it may tell you that the server is
busy.I usually grabbed the stuf late at night and avoided those problems.
Note disk one and two is quite large. If you are not able to download the
disks let me know, and for a small shipping fee I'll make you a copy of the
isos on cd, and ship it to you.
You can contact me off list at:
tward at bright.net

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From: "Glenn Ervin" <gervin at kdsi.net>
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Subject: I am now getting started

> Hello group,
> I am new to linux.
> I have dedicated a removable hard drive on my system to use with linux.
> I have downloaded the speakup program and placed a copy of it onto my
> removable drive.
> I once purchased a copy of linux for about 6 dollars, but someone on a
> told me it was not the correct version of linux to work with speakup.
> Can someone send me a link to where I can download the correct version of
> linux?
> Also, I sure could use some instructions on getting started.
> Thanks in advance.
> Sincerely,
> O. Glenn Ervin-- (Lenny) N0YJV
> Northeast Nebraska
> gervin at kdsi.net
> or My Work e-mail:
> gervin at ncbvi.state.ne.us
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