Linux and High speed accessability

Kirk Wood cpt.kirk at
Wed Nov 14 15:22:05 EST 2001

In all the discussion about the speed of networking option, has anyone
considered the speed of the connection? If your primary thing is internet
access, then getting 100mbit connections won't help much. DSL tops out
about 1.5 and cable arround 2. And yes, cable is faster then DSL on a
consistant basis. I have compared real world speeds with a number of
friends using dsl and cable. The cable consistantly gives a slight
edge. Neither is a clear leader. And the "security" of dsl is just pure
horse sh__. There is no such thing as a secure internet connection.

And do you really give a damn if the neighbor somehow detects that you
went to the smut site? Give me a break. My cable modem filters out all TCP
traffic bound for mac addresses that aren't accessing it. I think this is
pretty standard.

Kirk Wood
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