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Amanda Lee amanda at shellworld.net
Wed Nov 14 11:11:47 EST 2001

Well actually Best Buy does carry many quality products and if I'm okay
with handling my own tech support, I'd rather save my bucks.  I actually
found this one wireless device at other places and it was more expensive
and seriously doubt that I'd receive any better support.  I can usually
read the manual and follow instructions fairly well and rarely, ifever,
need handholding.  Bessides, I usually go to the manufacturers tech
support when I need more specific help and that usually is the best way.

I believe this device is made by Intel.  I've mis-placed my info but it
looks pretty intriguing nonetheless.

I've bought high-end household appliances and other items from Best Buy
and sure do like their frequent Zero percent terms for periods of time.
Anyway, getting further off track here.   I like self-service whenever it
will suit my needs and it frequently does.

Amanda Lee

On Wed, 14 Nov 2001, Kirk Wood wrote:

> I would generally recomend that a person avoid buying anything at Best
> Buy. To start, they only carry stuff intended for the home market. Very
> often it means they cut every corner they can and put all emphasis on the
> numbers that don't mean as much. Not to mention that the support is worse
> then none.
> I would recomend consideration of CDW (www.cdw.com). They hire people who
> have some knowledge. They have a tech support team that has been able to
> give inteligent answers to my questions (as a field technician). While it
> may not be as fast as Best Buy, at least you can et something intended for
> knowledgeable people. My experiance has been predictable. The subtle
> improvement in quality is a huge factor in reliability and robustness.
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