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Kirk Wood cpt.kirk at 1tree.net
Wed Nov 14 08:36:39 EST 2001

I would generally recomend that a person avoid buying anything at Best
Buy. To start, they only carry stuff intended for the home market. Very
often it means they cut every corner they can and put all emphasis on the
numbers that don't mean as much. Not to mention that the support is worse
then none.

I would recomend consideration of CDW (www.cdw.com). They hire people who
have some knowledge. They have a tech support team that has been able to
give inteligent answers to my questions (as a field technician). While it
may not be as fast as Best Buy, at least you can et something intended for
knowledgeable people. My experiance has been predictable. The subtle
improvement in quality is a huge factor in reliability and robustness.

Kirk Wood
Cpt.Kirk at 1tree.net

"When I take action, I'm not going to fire a $2 million missle at
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