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Frank Carmickle frankiec at braille.uwo.ca
Wed Nov 14 08:52:27 EST 2001

On Tue, 13 Nov 2001, Kirk Wood wrote:
> these. Like was previously mentioned for less then $100 you get a
> firewall, and a 4 port hub. They provide DHCP services and they come
> preconfigured to block inbound traffic. If you want to be able to get in,
> you can open the ports desired.

I would rather use an old box with a few nic's running iptables.  With a
few of these routers you would have to use a javascript enabled browser.  
I don't know any of these routers that allow you to log either.  I like
looking at the logs.  Also I know that if someone was to crack this
hardware firewall I'd be screwed.  Then I'd have to get new firmware and
do all of that.  No thanks.  I'll stick to a 486 running a small 2.4
kernel with iptables.  And for $70 at compusa I picked up a 8 port
10/100fd hub back in April.  So you can do it for cheaper this way
also.  $10 per nic after shipping and most 486's are easily had for free.

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