High speed internet Accessability

Stephen Schmucker sdschmucker at home.com
Tue Nov 13 21:39:17 EST 2001

Depending on which cable company you are going with, Be careful that they don't nail you for running servers.  Make sure you know what the user agreement says.


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On 11/13/01 at 4:50 PM Michael wrote:

>Unfortunately, DSL is not available in my area.  I don't think that the
>provider who has DSL monopolized here in my province of Newfoundland Canada,
> is not planning expansion any time soon but get this,the Company
>the company has applied for a $5.00 per month rate increase on its phone
>service!   It would make you thro up what you never ate!
> because they own the backbone, I doubt they would allow competitors.
> Most likely they're going to receive a royalty from the cable companies
>any way. On the other hand, That might change now that Cable high speed is
>available in there dialup service area.
>The DSL provider will certainly loose a big chunk of there dialup customers
>so maybe, just maybe, they might do something.  I'm not waiting,
>I'm jumping over to cable in a couple of weeks.  Even if the DSL
>monopolizer, which hasn't been to kind and supportive to its rural dialup
>all of a sudden decides to make plans to launch DSL in the spring,
>I won't be jumping back .  Screw them! LOL <evil grin>
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