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Sun Nov 4 17:45:31 EST 2001

Larry -

Setting 'capture' as you suggested is still pretty tricky. I need to set
it to a different value for each of the inputs I want to record from -
Mic, CD, or Line. Setting the volume on those devices does not affect the
record levels, only the playback levels. The result is that I can choose
different volume levels for playback on the different inputs, but I only
have one setting for capture volume, and it needs to be changed when I
change from recording one device to recording another.

It turns out that not all sblive cards operate the same way too, which
further complicates life. I sure wish there were a manual for these alsa

But anyway, I think I am getting on top of things here.

 On Sun, 4 Nov
2001, Lawrence Baggett wrote:

> Chuck,
> I confes that, as usual, this 'Capture'
> trick was taught to me by Captain Kirk.
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