2.4.13 Kernel Woes

Steve Holmes steve at holmesgrown.com
Sun Nov 4 00:18:57 EST 2001

Has anyone experienced any problems with the 2.4.13 kernel? I will list
out the steps I took today and explain what went wrong.
1. Untarred a 2.4.9 kernel source I had here to start with.
2. placed all the patches: 2.4.10, 11, 12 and 13 into /usr/src directory.
3. Ran linux/scripts/patch-kernel; so far, so good - all patches took.
4. Had latest version of speakup 1.00 ready to go in its appropriate
directory under /usr/src and ran ./install from inside there - went fine.
5. Did a "make oldconfig" with the .config file I previously used for a
successful 2.4.12 compile.
6. I did get prompted for speech related info again; thought that info
would have stuck from previous configuration <HMMM>.
7. Did the usual make bzImage and make modules followed by modules_install
- no errors.
8. Placed the vmlinuz file and System.map in the usual places and ran
lilo. OK.
9. Rebooted the machine, got a lilo prompt like normal but when I chose
this kernel image, it hanged! I had to power down and restart to continue.
I never could get 2.4.13 to talk or do anything else.

I fell back to 2.4.12 kernel images I had on a floppy (Thank God) and my
machine is running fine.

Sorry for such a long winded thing here but am wondering why a simple
upgrade from 2.4.12 to 2.4.13 would cause such a problem?

I also noticed that System.map grew from 400K to over 600K and thus will
no longer fit on a floppy with the 900K + kernel. Thought that a bit odd

Any ideas out there?

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