Speakup and DecTalk PC

Joseph Norton jnorton at nortcom.com
Wed Apr 26 01:25:26 EDT 2000

Hi Kirk:

I am aware of the limitations of writing a Speakup driver for the DecTalk
PC.  However, what if, before using something like loadlin to actually
load the kernel, you were to do the initial DecTalk initialization with
the standard DecTalk start-up files, then, after the DecTalk is ready to
talk, load the kernel then?  If I remember correctly, there are some C
programs on the DecTalk PC driver disk which might give a clue as to some
kind of work-around.  Again, you'd have to actually load the DecTalk with
the propper dictionaries and all before actually booting a kernel, but,
I'm sure it could be lived with.

Am I way off-base or what?


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