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aaaah, the power of limited marketing.
btw, what has happend with the pda project talked about on here a while
I've lost track whilst on my mission of getting my box to do what I want.
Bad box, sit box, good Linux.

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> > considered the cost, but I'm sure it's in the $5k + range.  So, why
> > someone pay that kind of money for half a computer.
> I think the reason people are willing to pay this cost is that there isn't
> much choice for the functionality. This is the best priced hardware of its
> type that I have seen. It should be much more functional then anything
> Blazie has come out with. And it is in the $3k to $5k range depending on
> how many Braille cells are in the unit. The cost of the computer itself is
> negligible when compared to the cost of the refreshable disply cells.
> The real mystery is why people still have to purchase the BNS for its
> cost. I can't imagine how a 20 year old peice of hardware can be so
> expensive. Even knowing they have updated it, they charge new product
> prices.
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