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Tue Apr 18 06:55:34 EDT 2000

> considered the cost, but I'm sure it's in the $5k + range.  So, why would
> someone pay that kind of money for half a computer.  

I think the reason people are willing to pay this cost is that there isn't
much choice for the functionality. This is the best priced hardware of its
type that I have seen. It should be much more functional then anything
Blazie has come out with. And it is in the $3k to $5k range depending on
how many Braille cells are in the unit. The cost of the computer itself is
negligible when compared to the cost of the refreshable disply cells.

The real mystery is why people still have to purchase the BNS for its
cost. I can't imagine how a 20 year old peice of hardware can be so
expensive. Even knowing they have updated it, they charge new product

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