Install from floppy with DoubleTalk LT

Dave Hunt wx1g at
Wed Apr 12 21:25:03 EDT 2000


Your cd is most likely on /dev/hdb1, or /dev/hdb2.  Could be anywhere.
Try booting the kernel and listening for its "panic".  If you scrol up a
bit, you'll find the partition list.  It may not say which partition is a
cd-rom, per se, but you can try all the ide units.  They  are designated
by 'hd' something.  Your scsi's are 'sd' something.  To get the talking
kernel onto your hard drive, you'll have to copy the image you need.

You could go through the steps for setting up 'loadlin', outlined in the
zipspeak faq.  Put the image into your DOS partition and set up
accordingly.  From that point on, start your machine in DOS mode and type
"linux" with the directory holding the kernel and loadlin current.

Good Luck,


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