invalid block device still continues

Scott Howell n3byy at
Wed Apr 12 08:33:04 EDT 2000

Ok, well good news is I am no longer getting all those nasty unresolved
symbols. That was nice after I upgraded to kernel 2.2.14.
However, I can now read floppies, but still can't mount my cdrom drives.
I tried

mount /dev/hdb /mnt
tried specifying file type by mount -t msdos /dev/hdb /mnt

etc. to get things working and still no luck.

I built ide cdrom support as a module. Lsmode shows a module for a cdrom
although it does not specify /dev/hdb which I assume is normal.
Of course I'll futher assume that /dev/hdb is the first cdrom and /dev/hdc
is the second. I also did specify that hdc is to be treated like a scsi
drive cause its a burner. I did this on the commandline in the lilo.conf
Surely I am doing something wrong here, but not sure what.
Any further advice would be apprecaited.

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