Install from floppy with DoubleTalk LT

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If you're installing Zipspeak, you need not reformat the hard drive on which
you want to install.  If you unzip the '' to your hard drive
(preserving the structure), the system is installed.  You'll find it all in
the top-level directory called "linux".  Once unzipped, the system is

If you wish to run the system from a cd, you will need to specify the cd's
device name at the kernel's boot prompt (when it beeps).  Assuming a SCSI cd
drive, you could try something like "mount root=/dev/stb1", assuming your
zip drive is "/dev/sta4"(mine is).  I don't recommend running the system
from a cd, as it is read-only.  Or, do you plan to move the directories for
"syslog", etc??

Good Luck,


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  I used Rawrite to create a boot floppy with the ltlk.img file.
  That talks fine booting up, and I have used the ZipSpeak package on a zip
drive.  However, I'm trying to install from CD onto a new system.  It could
not mount the CD on boot-up, and gave a Kernel Panic error at the end.
Should I format the hard drive first?  It's currently a DOS partition.  Is
there anything I should type at the beep as the system boots?

  This is my first time out in the unix realm.  Any help you can give would
be appreciated.



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