Help with ALSA 0.5.7

Jacob Schmude jacobs at
Sat Apr 8 11:44:24 EDT 2000

Well, you're probably getting device busy errors if some left-over
alsa-0.4.1 driver is loading. Or, though I doubt it, OSS/Free modules are
loaded somehow, that's the sound driver that comes with the kernel. As for
the version conflicts, are they unresolved symbols or just plain kernel
version conflicts? If they're true kernel version conflicts, make absolute
sure that your /usr/src/linux kernel source tree version exactly matches
the version of the running kernel. You can find out the running kernel
version by doing "uname -r". This one happened to me once, my kernel
source tree was 2.2.12 and my kernel running version was 2.2.12-20.. As
you can imagine, this happened when I was using redhat.

My only way that I can think of to fix the problem is to remove als ALSA
modules and then just install 0.5.7 again. This will get rid of any
left-over 0.4.1 drivers. For the kernel version conflict, either recompile
the kernel with the version in the source tree or get the source tree of
the kernel version you're running.

On Sat, 8 Apr 2000, Buddy Brannan wrote:

> Heh, here is me, trying to be all smart and upgrade to ALSA 0.5.7 from a
> nice (working) ALSA 0.4.1. Now, it does exactly what the ALSA 0.5.0 did a
> long time ago--no sound drivers load. When my system is rebooting, I get
> "device or resource busy" when it tries to load the module;if I try to
> load it with
> insmod snd-card-sb16 (or snd-card-sbawe) I get all manner of version
> conflicts.
> I even recompiled with --with-isapnp=yes (even though I didn't really have
> to last time), and the compile didn't crash and burn and do anything that
> looked too hideous. What do I be missing?
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