locked mailbox

Sebastian Taralunga seba at tcx.ro
Mon Apr 3 13:03:19 EDT 2000

Hi Kirk, 

Try to see if you have another pine process hanging

ps ax|grep pine
and then kill it.. Usually pine says this:

"trying to get mailbox lock from process 2166" 

so try to see what is process 2166 

ps ax|grep 2166

and then either wait for that process to finish (if it is
for instance the netscape's imap client or something
similar) or kill it with: 

kill 2166

Hope this helps. 



On Mon, 3 Apr 2000 cpt.kirk at 1tree.net wrote:

> Well, I am hoping someone here can give me an easy answer. My mailbox is
> locked by another process according to Pine. Now Fetchpop can still add
> mail to the box, but I can't delete any mail, and markers for the new mail
> all reset if I close and go back in. I don't want to restart right now
> because I have a large FTP going on.
> I have exited the system and that didn't help. I closed fetchpop and that
> didn't either. I can't find any process that should be affecting the
> mailbox.

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