Cut-and-Paste, Are their Size Limits?

Chime Hart chime at
Sat Jan 16 12:21:05 EST 2021

Hi All: On this laptop, running Voxin-and-Speakup, this has happened 
several times. I was ssh in to my desktop machine, opened nano and tried 
pasting in a buffer of probably 100 lines. Not only did it not display nor 
paste in, but it seemed to lockup my console. No keystrokes echo, but I 
can use flat-review to examin my screen. Even after killing processes for 
an ssh session, tty23 is still stuck. Also, while the cut-and-paste will 
say mark or cut, it will not paste in anything now, no matter which 
console I am on. I looked in systemdjournal, kern.log, and 
/var/log/messages but saw nothing matching the time period involved. I 
know eventually I can or will reboot-and-all will be well, but ultimately 
wondering if there is a suggested limit in how many lines we can safely 
paste in? On this laptop I cannot increase number of lines with stty past 
112, no matter which fonts I try. The cut-and-paste buffer saves me from 
saving extra files to import. Thanks so much in advance for any guidance

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