trouble booting debian10.3 with speakup

Samuel Thibault samuel.thibault at
Tue Mar 31 17:01:13 EDT 2020

D. Curtis Willoughby, le mar. 31 mars 2020 14:43:49 -0600, a ecrit:
> I'll skip the gory details of how I had to boot the usb stick.
> If you really want them, I can provide.

That could have its importance, yes. I have heard that e.g. unetbootin
does horrible hacks which could very well have impact over what actually
happens in the installer. Normally all you need to do to write the usb
stick is a mere "dd" command, nothing more.

>  They included "fb=false", "graphics=no", or "graphics=none",

They should not be needed at all, 's' is enough to stay in text mode.

> and always ending up with "debconf/priority=medium".

Note that you can also change that from within the installer: at the
first menu, type character '<' to get back to the main menu, from which
you can choose "Change debconf priority".


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