[raspberry-vi] A bit off topic, Speakup and Debian Stretch-Buster (fwd)

Gregory Nowak greg at gregn.net
Thu Mar 26 00:38:53 EDT 2020

On Wed, Mar 25, 2020 at 07:59:11PM -0600, mail wrote:
> I also noticed that there is not aninstallation option for brltty.
> There is not even an option for a hardware synthizer with speakup.

Sounds like you didn't read the debian installation manual, or didn't
look at wiki.debian.org/accessibility. In the case of a USB braille
display, brltty detects it automatically. In the case of serial
displays, the debian installation manual describes how to pass the
appropriate options to brltty when starting the installer.

As far as speakup hardware synthesizers, they're also supported. You
need to press tab, space, and type speakup.synth=xxx at the boot
prompt, where xxx is speakup's designation for your synthesizer.

> Can it be that some installer person has decided to combine all
> accessibility drivers into one  installation option and one
> kernel, whether they work together or not?

Yes, everything is together in one kernel, and I can assure you they
do all work together, brltty, hardware synthesizers, and all.

> It occurs to me that a hung kernel stuck issuing an error message
> like that might stop the whole system from talking,
> Since brltty is not a module, I cannot even use
> brltty.blacklist=yes.

You'll need to be more specific.

> Even if this is not related, can someone figure out how to
> get it fixed.

You'll need to provide enough details to reproduce the problem. What
did you do to make it happen exactly.

> How about taking brltty completely out of the kernel and make the
> brltty users make their own kernels, like the speakup users had to do before we learned to work with the kernel, and play nice.

Brltty isn't in the kernel, it is entirely in user space as far as I know.


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