speakup locking box on latest linux 5.3.15-1

Didier Spaier didier at slint.fr
Tue Dec 31 10:30:06 EST 2019

Hi Kirk and Janina,

I won't ship a 5.3.x Kernel in Slint anyway as it is officially EOL
upstream, however I plan to provide a 5.4 kernel soon and would like
to have it tested wrt this issue.

I do not own a hard synth so can only test with speakup_soft myself, but
I could ask Slint users to do so with a hard synth (ltlk at least and
probably apollo as well).

With which driver did you try: soft or hard and then which hard synth?

Also Janina, does this issue occur also with linux 5.4.6.arch3-1?

As an aside, Kirk did you try one of the package labeled
linux-image-5.4.0-1-<something> provided for Debian SID?

Best regards,


Le 31/12/19 à 15:46, Kirk Reiser a écrit :
> Yes Janina: On my boxes the machine is locked up solid as in not able
> to even ssh or ping the machine.
> I have had to revert back to a 5.2.x series kernel to by-pass the
> problem. I tried three different 5.3.x kernels extensively before
> reverting.
>   Kirk
> On Tue, 31 Dec 2019, Janina Sajka wrote:
>> Kirk:
>> I think I'm also seeing this on my Arch system.
>> The behavior is speech dies, and there seems no way to get it back short
>> of a reboot.
>> Best,
>> Janina
>> Kirk Reiser writes:
>>> Hello folks: It appears the bug that visited speakup back in late
>>> August is back and active. In kernel version 5.3.15-1 built on
>>> 2019-12-07. It can very easily be reproduced by hitting the next-word
>>> or previous-word functions quickly in series. In fact it is veryd
>>> ifficult to not trigger the bug. This is in debian sid BTW. My
>>> machines are amd64 based so I'm not sure if it's active on Intel
>>> processors.
>>>   Kirk

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