my Dectalk Express speakup woes

Rudy Vener salt at
Mon Feb 19 12:50:01 EST 2018

I'm connecting my Dectalk Express to the DB-9 pin connector on my PC serial card using
a standard RS-232 serial cable. There is no USB involved here.
This  is the same   plain old serial port I used to hook    up 
to my       talking VT100 talking terminal with a null modem cable.
This is the serial port that DOS knows as COM1, and that most linux
systems know as /dev/ttyS0. 

I can redirect text to /dev/ttyS0
and my Dectalk speaks it with no problem. As a matter of fact, I wrote a PERL script
to let me navigate through a text file and listen to it with Dectalk 
instead  of Espeak.

This isn't as good as getting Dectalk working with speakup, but
for now, it's all I've got.


On Mon, Feb 19, 2018 at 12:00:02PM -0500, speakup-request at wrote:
> From: Zachary Kline <zkline at>
> Subject: Re: Speakup Digest, Vol 173, Issue 9
> Rudy,
> Are you connecting your Dectalk Express to a physical serial port from the motherboard, or are you trying to use some kind of USB to serial adaptor or other gadget? If the latter, you will most definitely need a kernel upgrade. Are you able to send txt to the synthesizer by echoing it to /dev/ttyS0? 
> Best,
> Zack.
Rudy Vener

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