cannot load speakup_decext module

Chime Hart chime at
Sat Feb 17 20:06:28 EST 2018

Well Rudy: Yes it seems we are both useing the same DecTalk, but for now you 
must flip the switch to rs232 mode. In Ubuntu text mode it came up talking, but 
we had trouble in Debian9. Sorry I know little about these drivers. For many 
years since I got this unit in 2004 or so, the pitch, rate, and volume drop 
suddenly while I am arrowing around while reviewing the screen. I must then go 
through the controll-pannel and ajust these 3 setting up-and-down by 1 click, 
they are normal again, but its really easy sometimes twice in 30seconds to have 
these values drop. But when I examine what each value is set to, they are 
correct, even though changes have happened. Anyway, hope that helps some

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