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I'm also using pwsafe. After looking at the tools listed here:
there doesn't seem to be a fully functional v3-compatible command line utility. The Perl-based tool mentioned there is said to offer read-only support for PasswordSafe v3 databases. The Objective Caml version could be interesting, but the link leads straight to a 404 error.

If memory serves, there's a command line tool available that uses PGP-encrypted files to store the password data. This may be what you'll want to migrate toward.

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I’ve been using pwsafe for at least a decade and it’s probably time to find something else. What are people using? I’d really like to find a passwordsafe v3 compatible commandline app, as I’m using passwordsafe on multiple platforms. My current commandline pwsafe database is a v2. I will certainly need to migrate it to something else ,which doesn’t look painless. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


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