accidental upgrade, what now?

Willem van der Walt wvdwalt at
Fri Oct 13 04:22:49 EDT 2017

You are correct that you should be able to pick your currently running 
kernel from the grub menu.
Somewhat generic instructions would be.
When the machine starts, move with the arrow down to stop the boot of the 
default OS.
Then select the one you want to boot with the arrows and enter on the 
desird one.
Since you are still on the machine, You can change the default so that it 
will again boot with your currently running kernel next time.
how to do this might differ depending what flavor of Linux you are 
HTH, Willem

On Fri, 13 Oct 2017, Tom Fowle wrote:

> [The e-mail server of the sender could not be verified (SPF Record)]
> In attempting to upgrade a single package, elinks, I somehow upgraded the
> whole system
> I believe to 3.2.0-4-686-pae
> that's the login version number, maybe not the upgraded version.
> Without rebooting, it still works with doubletalk and brltty.
> I assume after reboot with new system the doubletalk will no longer work.
> Do I remember there is some way by selecting older kernel at grub boot time,
> that the older kernel with doubletalk can still fly.
> I have sighted help.
> what do we look for when rebooting?
> If that's wrong, do I have any other options to save the doubletalk system
> beyond re-installing old version of wheezie from CD?
> Also considering a new mini desktop like the mintbox mini   from 
> Fit-PC.  Any experience with this type of system?
> This one has an RS232 port for my Alva.  But then I'd have to put up with
> espeak! Poor little blind one! <GRIN>
> Thanks for any help,  comments about luddites will not be taken amiss!
> <GRIN>
> Tom Fowle
> P.S. I'm not turning this box off till forced, but we had power flicker a
> while back, so things are tense! <GRIN>
> sorry for babble.
> Tom Fowle
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