accidental upgrade, what now?

Tom Fowle wa6ivgtf at
Fri Oct 13 03:47:09 EDT 2017

In attempting to upgrade a single package, elinks, I somehow upgraded the
whole system
I believe to 3.2.0-4-686-pae
that's the login version number, maybe not the upgraded version.

Without rebooting, it still works with doubletalk and brltty.

I assume after reboot with new system the doubletalk will no longer work.

Do I remember there is some way by selecting older kernel at grub boot time,
that the older kernel with doubletalk can still fly.

I have sighted help.
what do we look for when rebooting?

If that's wrong, do I have any other options to save the doubletalk system
beyond re-installing old version of wheezie from CD?

Also considering a new mini desktop like the mintbox mini   from 
Fit-PC.  Any experience with this type of system?
This one has an RS232 port for my Alva.  But then I'd have to put up with
espeak! Poor little blind one! <GRIN>
Thanks for any help,  comments about luddites will not be taken amiss!
Tom Fowle
P.S. I'm not turning this box off till forced, but we had power flicker a
while back, so things are tense! <GRIN>
sorry for babble.
Tom Fowle

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