DecTalk External (decext) testers wanted!

Samuel Thibault samuel.thibault at
Mon May 1 04:02:30 EDT 2017


Gregory Nowak, on dim. 30 avril 2017 17:42:21 -0700, wrote:
> If I may jump in here ... When using the bns, I have to issue the
> silence command (numpad-enter) once if speaking a single line, twice
> if speaking a large block of text. I have had to do this since I can
> remember, certainly a number of years before Okash's patches.

Then please do not jump in the thread :)

It's already difficult for Okash to make sure that his tty patches don't
bring regression.  Please do not bring in here bugs which have been
happening for years before it.

Of course, you are welcome to report the bugs, and they should be
tracked and fixed.  But do not throw them within a thread which already
has its load of potential for bugs, because that'd make the tty
migration way harder if Okash has to sort by himself what is a
regression from his patches and what is an already-existing bug.


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