Fixing spelling spaces

Zahari Yurukov zahari.yurukov at
Sun Mar 19 13:38:39 EDT 2017


  Samuel Thibault wrote:
Sun, Mar 19, 2017 at 05:12:30PM +0100

> Which command produces this effect?  I'm not getting a "space" spoken
> with espeakup.
This is the say character review commands and is only for latin characters with
direct mode disabled, actually.

> How do you see this?
I thought it's from main.c:
char spk_str_caps_start[MAXVARLEN + 1] = "\0";
char spk_str_caps_stop[MAXVARLEN + 1] = "\0";
But I could be wrong, actually.
For example, in main.c, I see this line in several places:
Namely in speak_char and in spkup_write.

> In which situations exactly?
In addition to "character, say previous/current/next", also with "Say screen" command.
Also when moving the cursor with the arrow keys over capital letter and when pressing Enter in bash.

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