Fixing spelling spaces

Samuel Thibault samuel.thibault at
Sun Mar 19 12:12:30 EDT 2017


Zahari Yurukov, on ven. 17 mars 2017 03:06:48 +0200, wrote:
> There's one problem with this when spelling capital letters:
> The capital letter is surrounded  by spaces, which are now spoken.
> For example, capital S is pronounced:
> space S space

Which command produces this effect?  I'm not getting a "space" spoken
with espeakup.

> Or actually, that are \0  characters, as far as I can see.

How do you see this?

> Perhaps  espeak Treats  all white space as... space?

Well, yes, espeakup can't know whether a space given by the kernel is to
be pronounced or not. If there are spaces which should not be spoken,
the kernel should just not send them to espeakup.

> That actually could be true, cause I hear "space" alot now.

In which situations exactly?


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