How to try the new versions of speakup

Zahari Yurukov zahari.yurukov at
Fri Mar 17 17:49:38 EDT 2017


  Chris Brannon wrote:
Fri, Mar 17, 2017 at 01:48:58PM -0700

> I don't know much about David Borowski's version.  Presumably it's
> distributed in such a way that it can be easily built outside the
> kernel, just like Speakup was years ago, before it entered the staging
> tree.  In that case, you should be able to build it as modules without
> too much trouble.  Does it come with a README?
I've tried it once, and as far as I know, it can't be build without a
copy of the entire kernel source, though  I may miss something, cause I
don't know how you've build speakup before.

> Testing the recent changes to Speakup in the staging tree is going to be
> a lot harder.  You not only need to pull down the whole kernel source
> with git, but you also need to pull down a specific branch from a
> specific repo, where new changes to the staging tree are pushed before
> they hit the master branch of the kernel.

What branch is that? Is it the same, as stated on
Cause when I wanted to test the unicode patches, I tried several
branches, until they applied cleanly on the v4.10 branch, and then I
continued to reapply the new patches on this branch.

> I don't really think it's
> going to be easy to build and test Speakup without rebuilding the whole
> bloody kernel.  I'd love for someone to prove me wrong, though.  If
> somebody has a process for doing this, please share with the rest of
> us.  

Well,  I have something. Since I'm using Fedora, and RedHat don't
provide the staging modules, and noone anymore provides them(the guys
from rpm-fusion repository did til last year), I've researched this and
discovered, that it's possible to compile only certain modules from the
kernel's source tree.
So I did this once, and then I've excluded the kernel from updates for
several months, but then I've decided that's not very good idea, so I
wrote a simple script, which growed since. 
Actually, I shared it here last summer, but apparently I must have
signed my message, so... :)
Here's the script:

That said, you still need a copy of the kernel source. Also, I haven't
tested my script on Arch,  though I think it should work, but might need
some adjustments.
A key thing is the kernel version in the Makefile I've discovered that
if speakup was build with a different version in mind, it won't load. I.
e., different than the version you want to load it into.

I also would like to learn if there's an easier way.
I won't be surprised if all those gymnastics  that I do are not necessary.
Still, they work for me, and I hope they also could work for you.

Best wishes,

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