How to try the new versions of speakup

Chris Brannon chris at
Fri Mar 17 16:48:58 EDT 2017

Chris Moore <chris.w1gm at> writes:

> Hello,
> I’m currently running the version of speakup which is included with
> arch linux.  My understanding is that the speakup code in the kernel
> is different from the patches posted on the list.  How would I go
> about trying the fixes I have read about on this list.  Also how would
> I test Dave’s alternative version.
> Can any of this be done without recompiling the kernel and/or kernel modules?

I don't know much about David Borowski's version.  Presumably it's
distributed in such a way that it can be easily built outside the
kernel, just like Speakup was years ago, before it entered the staging
tree.  In that case, you should be able to build it as modules without
too much trouble.  Does it come with a README?

Testing the recent changes to Speakup in the staging tree is going to be
a lot harder.  You not only need to pull down the whole kernel source
with git, but you also need to pull down a specific branch from a
specific repo, where new changes to the staging tree are pushed before
they hit the master branch of the kernel.  I don't really think it's
going to be easy to build and test Speakup without rebuilding the whole
bloody kernel.  I'd love for someone to prove me wrong, though.  If
somebody has a process for doing this, please share with the rest of
us.  In short, I don't think there's a very easy way to test changes
newly added to staging.  I don't even bother.  Life's too short to
rebuild a whole kernel just to test a teeny tiny part of it.  Compare to
the old days of 2010, when fixes could be tested by everyone with a
2-minute rebuild/reinstall.

-- Chris

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