DecTalk External (decext) testers wanted!

Frost znvyyvfgf at
Sun Jun 4 12:00:50 EDT 2017


	For some reason I'm no longer able to post to the SpeakUp 
mailing list again, so thought I'd ask individuals.  You wouldn't happen 
to know what to write at the Debian Jessie installation boot prompt to 
get both the LiteTalk (LTLK) and the software (SOFT) voice synthesizers 
working with the talkwith script?  Nothing I seem to type at the boot 
prompt seems to work unless I accept the default software synthesizer.  
I'm not at all sure what to put in /etc/modules or modules.conf to 
configure Debian for both synthesizers, and I'm not getting through to 
the mailing list again to ask.  I thought I'd ask you, as you seem to be 
discussing the more technical aspects of the SpeakUp module and would 
likely have an answer.  I'd appreciate the help, as Debian's accessible 
installer also defaults to DHCP for the network configuration, rather 
than also allowing a static IP setup. <laughs> I hope you can assist. --

			Best regards,
				Michael Ferranti

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