Enabling Speakup in Vinux?

John G Heim jheim at math.wisc.edu
Tue Sep 20 10:42:31 EDT 2016

I think you're looking at this the wrong way. You need to think of 
yourself as part of the linux team now. For example, espeak is a 
remarkable technical achievement. One guy, Jonathan Duddington, pretty 
much all by himself, created a software speech synth to rival IBM's 
voxim. If you think that's easy, try festival and flite which were 
created by researchers at fairly well funded universities. Both those 
software synths have their advantages but there is a reason everyone 
uses espeak now. I am not saying you should be like some linux nerds who 
insist espeak is better than voxim. I don't think there is anything 
wrong with acknowledging the limitations of espeak, orca, and linux in 
general. But at the same time, you can't think of yourself as a customer 
who isn't getting the kind of service he is used to. You are as 
responsible for this as anybody. The fact that there is no windows 
executable to install linux is as much on you as it is on anybody. Maybe 
you don't have the kind of technical skill it takes to build something 
like that -- and that's fine. But nobody else has any more 
responsibility for building that than you do.

You wouldn't join a softball team and then at the first game go around 
saying how crummy the star player is especially if you're not 
particularly good yourself, right? That's why I'm saying you're looking 
at this the wrong way. You need to look at it as if you've joined a 
team. Because you have joined a team whether you acknowledge it or not.

On 09/16/2016 06:19 PM, Hart Larry wrote:
> Hi All: First, I had no easy way of joining a Vinux list, as you must 
> sign in through google groups-and-google won't even send a password 
> reminder, and writing to a contact address at Vinux did no good.
> It would sure be alot easier-and-`much more helpful if they had a 
> windows executable to run to install, instead of needing to jump 
> through hoops with an iso. To my surprise it let us install Vinux 
> along side windows vista, without nuking a JAWS authorization.
> So now if I boot Vinux, I get what seems to be a graphical with 
> `horrible speech, probably e-speak. But if I switch to a console, I 
> get no speech. I did purchase Voxen, which I would always rather hear. 
> Unfortunately, the Vinux WIKI does not provide any instructions in 
> configuring or setting up speech. Also, while I don't mind having 
> graphical as an option, I would rather it boot in a TCSH shell with 
> Speakup-and-Voxen. I can supposedly edit whatever files would be 
> required, in Notepad in windows to accomplish these, if some1 will 
> please inform what to edit. This is a 64bit image, for some reason, as 
> a duel boot there are some other test items which I should remove. On 
> the WIKI, it makes refferences to having both Speakup-and-YASR, so 
> please, how do I enable these? Thanks so much in advance
> Hart
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