Debian stretch - No speech after installation

Alonzo Cuellar mariachiac at
Sun Jan 31 15:51:29 EST 2016

I'd think that you may need to blindly configure /etc/asound.conf
On all my computers the first card that produces audio is "card 1." 
Therefore on my computers I can't do a Debian install since it grabs the 
first device "card 0" and tries to play audio threw that device.
This should not be the case with a VM  though. I've not tried a vm in 
ages since I use Linux on all my computers.
Sample config file /etc/asound.conf

|pcm.!default { type hw card 1 } ctl.!default { type hw card 1 } |

Replace "card 1" with the number of your card determined above.

You could also et the order of the cards. The arch wiki has an entry for 


On 01/31/2016 12:31 PM, √ėyvind Lode wrote:
> Hi:
> On 31 January 2016 at 18:50, Jason White <jason at> wrote:
>> Can you play audio files or streams via the sound card? Have you checked with
>> amixer to see that the volume of the audio device is sufficient?
> No, I cannot play anything.
> No sound output.
> I've tried all tricks I know of to get amixer to adjust volume.
> I had sound during installation but not on the installed system.
> I'm starting to believe that this is some sort of driver issue.
> I also tried booting from usb to run natively but doing that did not
> even get sound when the installer started.
> I will try a different distro to check if I get sound then.
> I tried booting the same image on a different system and I then got
> sound also after installation.
> So, installation media is fine.
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