Installing Debian with Espeakup

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Fri Jan 15 09:04:53 EST 2016 handles the problem this way.  First after enough 
software boots to do it, a sound card quantity test is done.  If the 
number is more than 1, a dialog comes up where a user gets told all 
sound cards are being tested and when the user hears a beep on the 
desired sound card they have 10 seconds to hit a key to select that 
card.  If no choice is made, then the first available sound card gets 
used by default.  What I need to do with talkingarch is to test this 
with a very good pair of usb speakers I have and install talkingarch 
that way and then see if udev overrides my choice on first boot after 

On Fri, 15 Jan 2016, Samuel Thibault wrote:

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> Hello,
> Alonzo Cuellar, on Mon 04 Jan 2016 03:19:37 -0600, wrote:
>> My question is how can you choose card 1 so I can hear Espeakup?
> Mmm, that's an expected issue.  We have not implemented anything about
> that.
>> You'd have to setup /etc/asond.conf,
> Or just setting an ALSA_CARD environment variable.
> The question is rather: how to let the user request that?  I don't think
> adding another boot menu item would be nice.  Adding a shortcut after
> boot is not really straightforward, and the user would still have to
> know that there are several sound cards and that the shortcut should
> be used to switch between cards. Making espeakup always talk on each
> and every device is not really an option either. Maybe we could make
> the installer, when several cards are detected, talk "To use this sound
> card, press 0" on card 0, then talk "To use this sound card, press 1" on
> card 1, etc., what do people think?
> Samuel
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