Announcing live test CD version 4

Tony Baechler tony at
Sat Oct 17 08:45:56 EDT 2015

Hi all,

I'm happy to announce that I've found a temporary hosting arrangement for my 
Debian-based live rescue CD.  It is not an official Debian CD, but it's 
based on live-build.  It still needs lots of work and testing, but I find 
that it works well enough.  I've used it successfully on two machines and 
KVM.  I got reports that some things don't work on some machines such as 
wireless, but I don't have wireless networking here to test.  Also, I got a 
report that it boots but sound doesn't work.  However, I was able to use it 
to copy two hard drives and it should come up talking automatically.  If 
your machine has DHCP, it will start an ssh server automatically.  Any and 
all feedback is appreciated.  Please use the contact information in my 
signature.  Thank you.

Here is the download link:

If you look at the raw directory listing, you'll see livetest3.iso, but it 
is currently only a partial file, so please don't download it yet.  Version 
4 has had minimal testing and uses kernel 3.16 which ships with Jessie. 
When the CD boots, you'll need to log in.  For some reason, autologin with 
Systemd on live CDs doesn't seem to work.  Here are the two accounts:

Username: user
no password

Username: root
Password: root

Again, please test thoroughly.  I have included non-free firmware, so most 
wireless adaptors should be detected, but I have no way to test.  I'm 
especially interested if sound isn't working for you.  It should play a 
startup sound, but that might be broken at the moment.  I eventually hope to 
support running Debian-Installer from the CD, but that's also not currently 
working.  I included the standard accessibility packages I could think of, 
but please let me know if something is missing.  I don't have a Braille 
display, but brltty should detect any USB Braille device automatically.  If 
there are missing packages, please let me know, but space is very limited.

Tony Baechler, founder, Baechler Access Technology Services
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