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Sat Oct 3 09:46:17 EDT 2015

It's possible to use debian-testing nonfree firmware edition to install 
debian.  Unfortunately that worked on my amd system and failed on my 
acer system on acer the firmware wouldn't install even though the 
firmware was already on the media in that instance the media acted like 
the official debian media.  On the amd machine though once the 
installation was done it was impossible to configure the rt2870 wifi 
adapter and connect to the internet.  The installation does not run 
wpa_passphrase and update /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf the way debian has it 
set up.  When I booted the system after installation I got a message in 
dmesg that the wlx link was not ready.  I could repeat installation and 
execute a shell and run wpa_passphrase but wonder if that would even 
help.  For the record, I'm running wifi on Talkingarch since Talkingarch 
was able to configure the wifi adapter and get out to the internet after 
installation.  The netctl script is archlinux specific and was very 
helpful once I figured out how to use it.  I lost access to ethernet and 
will be without it until at least December of this year since equipment 
had to be moved so another person could live in that space.

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> On 10/2/2015 10:46 AM, Techswing33 wrote:
>> I second this. I've tried to do this in the past, but all the isos
>> I've made then tried to boot have been nnonbootable.
> I am working on a rescue CD based on Debian.  That is to say it is 99% 
> Debian packages with very minor adjustments for accessibility.  It now even 
> includes the Debian Installer, so you can install an official Debian system 
> on your machine.  It comes up talking on two real machines and in a VM, but 
> it needs wider testing.  I do have brltty enabled, but I don't have a 
> Braille display.  It has most standard tools you would expect, plus you can 
> install others if you want.  If you want a talking system out of the box, 
> you can install the live system to your hard drive, but I don't recommend 
> this.  Unlike other CDs, it should come up talking automatically and 
> includes non-free firmware, so your wireless network should be detected.
> There is just one small problem.  That is the bandwidth.  I hesitate to give 
> out a download location here because I don't want my server to get flooded 
> with hits.  Therefore, if you want it, please write off list.  I will 
> eventually find a better hosting solution, but mirrors are welcome.  It's 
> currently 64-bit only, but once it's stable, I plan to produce a 32-bit 
> version and DVDs with a GUI.  I am guessing I'll need about 12.5 GB total, 
> but not for now.
> If this interests you, please test.  It needs testing on as much hardware as 
> possible.  I think I included most important packages, but if you think 
> something is missing, please let me know.  I plan to eventually set up a 
> mailing list, but not until it gets more testing.
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