command line file managers (simple)

Hart Larry chime at
Sat Jun 27 01:42:30 EDT 2015

Actually Tom, this address is part of my web-site soluting a Political figure, 
as I made the site useing a DOS program created by some1 blind, homepage  where 
it prompts all the way.  As far as your questions, sure you can tag groups of 
files, then move to elsewhere on your hard-drive, or hit "m" for renaming or 
other  choices. Also, you can type an "r" to delete an individual file, but 
``hazzards, while in regular files, deleting with an "r" isn't so bad,  but if 
you are editing your book-marks file, it may delete a file a line or more from 
where your cursor is. Better 
way, while in L Y N X   type an e for editor, obviously mine is NANO, but either 
way, especially in a bookmarks file, remove them in an editor.
Good luck

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