command line file managers (simple)

Tom Fowle wa6ivgtf at
Sat Jun 27 01:27:02 EDT 2015

thanks, yes those were only some of the apparrent problems with mc.

Never thunk of trying lynx that way, will do so, although don't see now how
one can copy and delete files with lynx.
Thanks much
P.S. that is some very entertaining email address <GRIN>

On Fri, Jun 26, 2015 at 10:14:32PM -0700, Hart Larry wrote:
> Well, Tom, when I tried "mc" I seem to remember it tracked 1line off
> from where I was, also items weren't numbered. So, you can type
> lynx .
> you will first see directories, followed by files, which you can
> mash enter on, however, if they are media, you would ajust your mime
> type options. Hope that works better for you
> Hart
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