Talking Arch Linux Installer

Joseph C. Lininger devnull-speakup at
Thu Apr 16 19:57:37 EDT 2015

At one point, I actually had a basic Gentoo system which was designed so 
that you could run the CD, then partition drives and use rsync to copy 
the content of the CD over to the hd and have a brand new system there. 
Speakup was built-in to that, and I tested it and it worked perfectly. I 
used to use it for fast deployments of new Linux machines; about 15 
minutes to deploy a new system. Just boot the CD, partition/create lvm 
groups if you wanted, create file systems, mount, copy rootfs contents, 
chroot in and delete two CD-specific packages, install boot loader to 
MBR, then reboot and you're done. I had a catastrophic crash a couple 
years ago, which coupled with a user error (mine) destroyed the build 
environment for  that and it's backup. Since I was the only one using 
it, I never bothered to recreate it. If I thought there was a market for 
such a thing, I'd probably recreate it and distribute it. Gentoo 
declined so much in popularity though that I didn't figure anyone in the 
Linux community was likely to be interested.

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