Accessible Live CD's?

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Tue Mar 11 05:00:55 EDT 2014

Hi Jayson.  That depends on whether your machine has isa serial ports,
or pci serial ports.  If you have isa ports, you're in luck!  If not,
you're screwed.  The serial drivers for speakup are in desperate need of
rewriting, but noone with the expertise has come along to take up the
job.  Sorry about that, it's just the way things are.

Gene Collins

>Slightly off-thread, as I'm still looking for a good distro to install. 
>Are the days of hardware synths on serial ports over? My extra computer 
>has two serial ports, and I have a perfectly good DECtalk Express. I 
>don't need a GUI, I'm used to the Linux command line.
>On 3/10/2014 11:28 PM, Kyle wrote:
>> You can try the TalkingArch live CD at
>> It usually comes up at a decent volume, and will allow you to choose
>> which sound card or headset you want at boot time via a voice recording
>> and a beep. You can install packages on-the-fly, just like in most other
>> systems, so you can install the ftp package for one-time use as soon as
>> you get a prompt. You would install it like
>> pacman -Sy <package>
>> in this case. There is also the #talkingarch IRC channel on Freenode if
>> you need help in realtime. Hope this helps.
>> ~Kyle
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