Accessible Live CD's?

Jayson Smith jaybird at
Tue Mar 11 03:13:13 EDT 2014


Slightly off-thread, as I'm still looking for a good distro to install. 
Are the days of hardware synths on serial ports over? My extra computer 
has two serial ports, and I have a perfectly good DECtalk Express. I 
don't need a GUI, I'm used to the Linux command line.

On 3/10/2014 11:28 PM, Kyle wrote:
> You can try the TalkingArch live CD at
> It usually comes up at a decent volume, and will allow you to choose
> which sound card or headset you want at boot time via a voice recording
> and a beep. You can install packages on-the-fly, just like in most other
> systems, so you can install the ftp package for one-time use as soon as
> you get a prompt. You would install it like
> pacman -Sy <package>
> in this case. There is also the #talkingarch IRC channel on Freenode if
> you need help in realtime. Hope this helps.
> ~Kyle

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