Pulse Audio

Janina Sajka janina at rednote.net
Mon Mar 10 10:53:24 EDT 2014


Robert Spangler writes:
> I even tried Janina's suggestion of disabling Pulseaudio (using her
> steps) and that just resulted in Orca not speaking.

I may have underspecified what I do. While I certainly don't want to put
anyone on a wild goose chase, there's clearly something going right for me,
because I'm able to get my approach working computer after computer,
most recently in a VMware virtual machine on a Macintosh host.

So, what didn't I tell you? The only thing I can think is my old tweaks
to /etc/asound.conf. I just checked, and find that I did indeed copy
these into the Mac vm.

Do attachments work on this list? I'll attach my asound.conf. But, in
case they don't, I'm putting it at:




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# Place your global alsa-lib configuration here...

@hooks [
		func load
		files [
		errors false
# defaults

# show all name hints also for definitions without hint {} section
defaults.namehint.showall off
# show just basic name hints
defaults.namehint.basic on
# show extended name hints
defaults.namehint.extended off
defaults.ctl.card 0
defaults.pcm.card 0
   defaults.timer.card 0
defaults.pcm.device 0
defaults.pcm.subdevice -1
defaults.pcm.nonblock 1
defaults.pcm.ipc_key 5678293
defaults.pcm.ipc_perm 0666

# Make ALSA apps default to using dmix plugin instead of hw plugin
# # (Exclamation point is needed in order to override the assignment to
 # pcm.default in /usr/share/alsa/alsa.conf.)
 pcm.!default {
         type plug
                 slave.pcm "dmix"

#                 # Make OSS apps default to using dmix plugin too
                 pcm.dsp0 {
                         type plug
                                 slave.pcm "dmix"

                                 ctl.mixer0 {
                                         type hw
                                                 card 0

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