Speakup under VMware Fusion 6

Janina Sajka janina at rednote.net
Sat Mar 8 16:22:30 EST 2014

Hi, All:

I'm wondering whether any of you can share some wisdom for running
Speakup in a virtual Linux machine. I picked up a Macbook Air recently,
added Fusion 6, and have Fedora 20 installed and working (mostly).

Couple quick questions:

1.)	How can I bring Speakup up with my preferred speaking rate? It's
defaulting to rate 1, which is quite painful.

	I'm launching Speakup from within rc.local. Can I use some kind
	of command line argument in my script?

		I no longer see anything about rate under
		/sys/accessibility/speakup/,o suspect that old method is
		history. Am I wrong?

		2.)	Caps Lock for pop up screen review. I haven't
		solved this one, so would appreciate suggestions.
		Strangely, FN+Command+Return does the "You killed
		Speakup" and "I'm alive" toggle nicely. I can also
		adjust rate and pitch with FN+Command+N, but not Caps
		Lock joy.

		3.)	The Insert Key -- There has to be some
		successful mapping for that! <grin>




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